Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer

Adriana Vela

July 26, 2021 Jana and Jason Shelfer
Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer
Adriana Vela
Show Notes

Adriana Vela enjoys being at the forefront of innovative technologies!

 In Fortune 100 companies she tracked technologies, launched dozens of products, lead million-dollar initiatives, and defined new markets. Her entrepreneurial success includes quotes/features in publications like The Milken Institute Report: ‘Minds-to-Market’, San Diego Business Journal and magazines like PM Networks, PharmaTech Europe, SmallTimes, Hispanic Business, San Diego Magazine and the 2018 book “Work Together Anywhere’. She has also been a speaker and advisor at technology conferences and devoted many years to philanthropy.

As the founder of MarketTecNexus, she blends 15 years in Fortune 100 companies with 15 years of entrepreneurial ventures experience where she equips scientific and tech sector leaders with systems and tools that help them get ahead of shifting trends, reclaim their competitive edge and become future-ready.

Before MarketTecNexus she founded, award-winning NanoTecNexus (formerly NanoBioNexus) in 2004 where she led a high caliber team of scientists and business experts and gained international presence for promoting safe and market-accepted advances in nanosciences for medicine, healthcare, energy, water, and the environment.

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About the Hosts 

Jana is a 3X Paralympian, Gold Medalist, entrepreneur, and professional broadcaster and Certified Life Coach. Her husband, Jason, spent 20 years becoming a highly successful salesman and is a Certified Life Coach.

Jana and Jason will help you believe in yourself, believe in those around you, believe in your circumstances, and believe that the Universe is conspiring through you and for you. This mindset is what they call Living Lucky!

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