Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer

Achieve Your Career Aspirations! (Living Lucky)

May 31, 2021 Jana and Jason Shelfer
Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer
Achieve Your Career Aspirations! (Living Lucky)
Show Notes

Achieve Your Career Aspirations!

Do you feel stuck in your life? STUCK in the job you’ve been working in for several years, or maybe it’s the place you feel you just don’t belong anymore? 

Then our guest, Allisha Ali, is here to help you find your path! 

Allisha is an international career expert, coach, and mentor. She created Unique You Careers because she believes that we’re all unique with DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. She helps her clients sustainably transform and become whatever they want to become, to lead more, and live more. In this episode of Living Lucky, Allisha talks about the benefits of having a coach or mentor to help you transform your next career or life move. 

She shares the identity crisis she experienced after losing her corporate job, and how having a coach accelerated her growth from being lost to LUCKY. We covered letting go of LIMITING BELIEFS, not making your job your IDENTITY, being BOLD enough to make a changing move, and LETTING GO to find your purpose. 

Allisha advises that you have a coach who allows you to have the space to explore other things outside of the job you don’t like before QUITTING.  

Involve a coach and DON’T QUIT your job without a plan! Please don’t miss this eye-opening episode!

Check out Allisha! 

About the Hosts 

Jana is a 3X Paralympian, Gold Medalist, entrepreneur, and professional broadcaster and Certified Life Coach. Her husband, Jason, spent 20 years becoming a highly successful salesman and is a Certified Life Coach.

Through their combined experience, training, knowledge, and practice, they clearly see life is not as difficult as most people choose to make it.

Jana and Jason will help you believe in yourself, believe in those around you, believe in your circumstances, and believe that the Universe is conspiring through you and for you. This mindset is what they call Living Lucky!

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