Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer

Miracle Morning!

March 29, 2021 Jana and Jason Shelfer
Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer
Miracle Morning!
Show Notes

Miracle Morning!

What can you do despite what you can’t do? Do you have some mindfulness practices that help catalyze your progress? 

In this episode of Living Lucky with Jana and Jason, we have Brianna Greenspan, the co-author of the Miracle Morning Coloring Affirmations Book. Brianna shares her story of dealing with a chronic illness that left her with HOPELESSNESS and DESPAIR most of her life. 

She explains how she got involved with the Miracle Morning as an experiment that worked and later became a GLOBAL MOVEMENT and a coloring book. The book, which contains beautiful images and affirmations, is a powerful way to ELEVATE YOUR ENVIRONMENT and help you learn to show up for yourself! 

Brianna believes that to be SELFLESS, you have to fill your cup first so you can give others from a place of OVERFLOW.

Check out Brianna!

About the Hosts 

Jana is a 3X Paralympian, Gold Medalist, entrepreneur, and professional broadcaster and Certified Life Coach. Her husband, Jason, spent 20 years becoming a highly successful salesman and is a Certified Life Coach.

Through their combined experience, training, knowledge, and practice, they clearly see life is not as difficult as most people choose to make it.

Jana and Jason will help you believe in yourself, believe in those around you, believe in your circumstances, and believe that the Universe is conspiring through you and for you. This mindset is what they call Living Lucky!

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