Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

From Setback to Success: Michael Jordan's Journey of Self-Belief and Perseverance

May 26, 2023 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 4 Episode 15
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
From Setback to Success: Michael Jordan's Journey of Self-Belief and Perseverance
Show Notes

Have you ever faced a setback that felt insurmountable? Imagine being cut from your high school basketball team, only to become one of the greatest athletes of all time! That's exactly what Michael Jordan did, and in this inspiring episode, we share his incredible journey of self-belief and perseverance. We also discuss the crucial role of a supportive network of family and friends, and how harnessing the power of our inner voice can transform negative energy into a driving force for success.

But it's not just about personal achievements - Jordan's unwavering belief in himself had a lasting impact on the entire sports industry. Get the inside scoop on his groundbreaking contract negotiation and how it paved the way for countless others. Plus, we dive deep into the life-changing magic of faith in oneself, coupled with faith in God, and the transformative power of radical gratitude. If you're ready to turn setbacks into successes and live a life filled with luck and positivity, this episode is for you!

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Jana mentioned her TEDx about Radical Gratitude. It's doing great, but we REALLY want you to leave a comment about it on the YouTube Platform

When you get hit with an obstacle, how will you respond?  Do you find a way to get empowered, to build and grow, or do you suffer in defeat. Do you nurse your wounds and wrap yourself in victimhood?

Believe in who you could be and embrace the discipline it takes to become that person.  You have so much potential. You just need the right coach and people in your corner. 

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The 4 pillars of Living Lucky
Believe in yourself
Believe in the people around you
Believe in your circumstances and
Believe that God is working through you, for you, and always conspiring in your favor.
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