Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

KNOW THYSELF??? ( Living Lucky )

March 08, 2023 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 3 Episode 29
Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
KNOW THYSELF??? ( Living Lucky )
Show Notes

So many people assume  they know themselves better than they know anyone else, but most have so many "Versions" of themselves, they can't remember the Original Recipe. 

We pick up  ideas, thought, beliefs, habits and words by a mix of intentionality and happenstance, like static cling. How did I end up thinking that? Oh, Dad always said “Rich people are crooks.” That’s why I don’t want my dad to know I’m a millionaire, he’ll think I’m a crook. That’s also why I almost lost it all. Subconsciously, it wasn’t fitting in with what I believed.
I’m honest, I did the right things; earning, saving, and generating my wealth. Then I sabotaged it.
Luckily, Jana and I had a moment where we decided to invest in ourselves…Literally… I think it’s literally in this case. The money didn’t go into us 😂 , but everything else did. We were empty and now we are full.
We got some coaches, mentors, and spiritual leadership and turned ourselves around.

We’ve been doing the same for our clients for the last 3 years.
Where are you?
Where do you want to go?
What’s holding you back?
What’s REALLY holding you back?
What’s it look like to make an appointment in the future for you to show up wherever you want to be.
And who is the kind of person that lives that life?
What does growing Into that look like and feel like?

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