Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana


February 24, 2023 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 3 Episode 24
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
Show Notes

Sometimes you find the answers just by finding the questions. Community is such a powerful resource.  We joined a new Life Group with our church and we're diving into enneagrams.  WOW!

We've scratched the surface on enneagrams in the past, but getting into the depths is a whole new experience.  We're loving the insight and the personal growth.

How many thought worms do you have on a daily basis? How do you react and respond to your thought worms? Are your thought worms building beautiful things, or creatures of decay and destruction rotting your soul? 

The book we're studying:
The Road Back To You by Ian M Cron & Suzanne Stabile

Our good friend and one of our personal mentor coaches:
WOW Place International by Sandy Geroux

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Jana's TEDx on Radical Gratitude

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