Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

The Power of Reframing Failure: Achieving Success in a New Light

January 30, 2023 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 3 Episode 13
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
The Power of Reframing Failure: Achieving Success in a New Light
Show Notes

Spin that Doom Loop into a Life You Crave and Start Living Lucky.  #LivingLucky

Do you still have your New Year's Resolution? Most people have abandoned their resolutions way before the 3rd week of January. 

"Any moment is a brand new moment to start being the brand new you that you want to be." - Jason Shelfer
"Good or no, Clean as you go." - Jerry Dean Hillman 

Incremental improvement is works like compound interest.  1% better every day for a year is 37 times better. 

How can you hit your goals?

  • Clearly define your goals - and know WHY they are important to you
  • Break down into smaller, achievable steps
  • Create a plan with deadlines
  • Track progress and identify success markers
  • Stay motivated and accountable (Get a coach)
  • Celebrate successes along the way (Enjoy the journey)
  • Be flexible and adjust plan as needed 
  • Re-evaluate and readjust goals if necessary.

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