Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

1% BETTER EVERY DAY & KAIZEN ( Living Lucky )

December 09, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 22
Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
1% BETTER EVERY DAY & KAIZEN ( Living Lucky )
Show Notes

Are you ready to create the life you crave?

I spent too long exhausting myself just "doing".  I don't know if this makes sense to anyone, but I got up every day and went to work from about 7am to 6:30 or 7pm and I was great at my job, but didn't feel like I was really living a life that was exciting or inspiring.  I was trying to find it by doing what everyone else was doing.

Then I decided to just become the best version of myself and I tried over and over to take MASSIVE ACTION.  That meant I would spend thousands of dollars on a conference and thousands more on programs, supplements, and equipment to get there fast.  I'm a work horse, so I could put my head down and "Do It".  I would typically last about 90 days, give or take. Then I would be burned out and fall back into most of my old routines.  Maybe one thing would "Stick".

I read several books on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, the first one being The Spirit of Kaizen by Robert Maurer,  and I started making incremental improvements.  I noticed The Compounding Effect of these smaller intentional actions (habits) were more easily integrated into my identity.  (Atomic Habits). By not wrecking my ecosystem, I created lasting change, and my life has completely changed. 

1% better each day for 1 year makes you 37 TIMES better as a person. 

Thanks for listening.   We go LIVE on Facebook every Weekday morning at 6:55 New York time to start our friends off with some smiles, fun, and a positive message before they go to work and we start working with clients or companies.  Now that many of them are back to commuting, Podcast is an easier medium and not a big ask.  We are happy to oblige.

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