Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

INSIGHTS! 4 Questions To Change Your Life! ( Living Lucky )

November 30, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 18
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
INSIGHTS! 4 Questions To Change Your Life! ( Living Lucky )
Show Notes

If you are looking for answers, you need to start with the questions.  Every answer is just waiting for the right questions to be asked.  This is one of the reasons we absolutely LOVE working with our clients and why they have such transformations.

Jana and I worked with Paul McKenna for a month and we start of today's podcast with a question from him.  "Are you your Ultimate Self today?" That should be one that hits the internal spark plugs, right?  It does for us. 

Jana and I decided we are Extraordinary people and we will live the experience of an Extraordinary Life. The questions we ask ourselves help us measure and check our progress.  It's a slippery path full of course correction.  (BTW: We mention WD-40.  There are around 2000 uses for this concoction)

The 4 Questions:
1.  Are you waking up in the morning ready to take on the day?
2.  Are you proud of yourself before you go to sleep?
3.  If your body could talk, what would it say to you?
4.  What could someone say to you that could make you feel more seen?

These are very simple questions, but do you assume you know the answer and just get to "work"?  That's like assuming you have gas in your car before a long road trip.  You will make it somewhere, but you probably won't make it all the way to where you are hoping to go.  Investing in a coach, having a solid morning routine to set intention and own your outcomes, and having a team and pit crew for support is a winning recipe.

Thanks for listening.   We go LIVE on Facebook every Weekday morning at 6:55 New York time to start our friends off with some smiles, fun, and a positive message before they go to work and we start working with clients or companies.  Now that many of them are back to commuting, Podcast is an easier medium and not a big ask.  We are happy to oblige.

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