Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

REVERSE MANIFESTING: Creating What You Don't Want ( Living Lucky )

November 18, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 13
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
REVERSE MANIFESTING: Creating What You Don't Want ( Living Lucky )
Show Notes

The fact is, we have triggers.  Some of us don't even recognize our triggers and that is why the Spin Positive Tool is so important. 1.  Take a breath and Be aware of the feeling when it hits, feel it, address it and see what it is telling you. 2.  Be grateful for the feeling because it is just an indicator of you thoughts and beliefs.  3. Take the lessons from it and decide what your next best step is toward your End Goal is and take it.

Reverse Manifesting is living in the feeling of fear, doubt, anxiety. dread,  uncertainty and everything else that is as far away from what you actually want out of life.  The problem is, when we grab hold of one of these negative thoughts about an event or circumstance, we start breathing life into it.  Then we create a reality around it in our mind, full of emotions, smells, words, actions.... We can literally see how it will all play out in our head.  It often doesn't play out AS BADLY as we imagine, but we create enough drama to derail so many of the things we have been building for ourselves.

Realizing how often we Reverse Manifest is a beautiful eye-opener as to how we can Spin that system to the Positive action of Manifesting the future and a Live we crave.
Daily meditation on a clear, compelling future, where you can see yourself, your friends, what you are doing and eating.  What does it smell like and feel like?  Get deep into the emotions you are experiencing on a daily basis as your optimal self.  Anchor this so you can visit this often and live toward it.

Keep your inner dialogue congruent with your outer actions and with who your optimal self is and who you are becoming.  Spin Positive toward your goals and dreams.

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