Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer


November 14, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 9
Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer
Show Notes

Some of us spend a great deal of time learning how to communicate with others.  Jana even went to school for it and Majored in Communication at the University of Illinois.   

How much time have you spent communication with yourself in a healthy way,  learning how to listen to yourself, or learning how to talk to yourself?   There are thousands of little life hacks, but if your inner dialogue is still abusive or negative, your outer world experience will ultimately turn to reflect the tone of your inside voice.

Jana's mom always said, "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good."  She was talking about self care and physiology. Head up, shoulders back, smile, deep breaths... looks good ... good presentation creates and empowered state.  It feels good to be empowered.  Let's do good things.

One of our best business decisions was working with Lisa Nichols as a speaking and storytelling coach.  She gave us a POWERFUL self-communication tools.  It's a minimum 30 day exercise of talking to yourself.
1. Get in front of a mirror.
 2. State your name and say "I'm so Proud of you for ___________"
3. State your Name and say "I forgive you for _________"
4. State your Name and say "I commit to you that I will _________"

Repeat steps 2-4 seven times. Each day you will say your name and tell yourself you are proud of yourself, you forgive, yourself, and you commit to yourself 7 things.  It's okay if you repeat yourself.  Let your should talk to you.

Thanks for listening.   We go LIVE on Facebook every Weekday morning at 6:55 New York time to start our friends off with some smiles, fun, and a positive message before they go to work and we start working with clients or companies.  Now that many of them are back to commuting, Podcast is an easier medium and not a big ask.  We are happy to oblige.

Keep Living Lucky.
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The 4 pillars of Living Lucky
Believe in yourself
Believe in the people around you
Believe in your circumstances and
Believe that God is working through you, for you, and always conspiring in your favor.

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