Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer


November 11, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 8
Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer
Show Notes

What makes you feel lucky to be alive?

Gratitude is an integral part of our morning routine and a cornerstone of the Living Lucky platform.

Imagine a morning where you wake up and you are hit with such an overwhelming sense of gratitude that the emotions pour out of your face and heart in the form of joyous tears.  There is a saying the what you appreciate appreciates.  This is so true, and it doesn't only apply to things to be grateful for, it also applies to struggles and complaints.  What are you focused on?  If you are focused on it, you're appreciating it. 

You will find that if you are consistent and emotionally connected to your gratitude practice, you will one day wake up and all the stacks of beautiful things that you are grateful for will wash over you in a flood of beauty and wonder.  It is a magical moment.  Then these moments happen with higher frequency because gratitude becomes part of your identity.

We incorporate a gratitude walk into our daily routine every day to make sure we keep focused on the millions of possibilities to be grateful for each day.  This allows us to create intent for our days and also facilitates a positive state of being which leans us into future possibilities and opportunities.

Our 3 stages of gratitude:
1.  Being Grateful for what we have, what is around, and visibly available.
2.  Being Grateful for what we don't have, grateful for the struggles, the pain, the loss.
3.  Being able to live in a constant state of Gratitude. 

Thanks for listening.   We go LIVE on Facebook every Weekday morning at 6:55 New York time to start our friends off with some smiles, fun, and a positive message before they go to work and we start working with clients or companies.  Now that many of them are back to commuting, Podcast is an easier medium and not a big ask.  We are happy to oblige.

Keep Living Lucky.
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The 4 pillars of Living Lucky
Believe in yourself
Believe in the people around you
Believe in your circumstances and
Believe that God is working through you, for you, and always conspiring in your favor.

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