Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana


November 02, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 4
Living Lucky® Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
Show Notes

Today we look at the fun situation of "He said, She heard.  She said, He heard." 

Do you ever wonder if you and your spouse, or partner,  are even having the same conversation?

Unmet expectations are often unexpressed expectations.

Communication breaks down further when we receive information that is contrary to our current belief system. 
Create more space for open communication by being authentic, real, and curious rather than taking things personally and being ego centric. 

There are 3 primary styles of communication/ learning styles
Visual - I see what you did there.
Auditory - You hear what I'm talking about?
Kinesthetic -  I feel you. 

When you pick up on "who you are speaking to", you can speak their language.  This allows the person you are trying to communicate with to hear more of what you are saying.   Remember most people don't invest time improving themselves or studying human development.   Many people never read another book after their formal education.  

Thanks for listening.   We go LIVE on Facebook every Weekday morning at 6:55 New York time to start our friends off with some smiles, fun, and a positive message before they go to work and we start working with clients or companies.  Now that many of them are back to commuting, Podcast is an easier medium and not a big ask.  We are happy to oblige. 

Keep Living Lucky. 

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Thanks for joining us.

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