Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana

POSITIVITY ( Living Lucky )

October 31, 2022 Jana and Jason Shelfer Season 2 Episode 3
Living Lucky Podcast with Jason and Jana Banana
POSITIVITY ( Living Lucky )
Show Notes

How are you choosing to see the world?  Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?  Do you have a positive or negative outlook on life?

Your 2 million year old brain is programmed to keep you safe.  It's programmed for survival.   A survival program will never allow you to thrive.  You will HAVE to UPGRADE if you ever want to thrive.

In survival mode, your brain, wants to keep you protected.  It remembers hurt feelings,  remembers scary situations, pain, and pulls those memories into the present reflecting them onto possibilities in the future.    There is a purpose for survival, fear, etc.., but when our soul is begging to live into the greatness and purpose it was born for,  you are going to need to consciously turn down to old survival program and turn up the new Live The Life You Crave (THRIVING) Program.

Here is a life influence formula - 
(Your Foundational Beliefs) impact (Your Thoughts)
(Your Thoughts)  influence (Your Action)
(Your Actions) influence ( Your Results)
(Your Results) determine (Your Overall Experience of Life)

Awareness and the ability to Spin Positive are keys to rapid personal transformation.

Jana refers to The Luck Factor, by Richard Wiseman in her YouTube video 3 Practical Steps to Greater Awareness where she offers the 3 keys
1. Pay Attention to your LANGUAGE
2. Audit your ENERGY LEVELS -
3. Get your subconscious working for you

About the Hosts 

Jana is an International Speaker,  3X Paralympian, Gold Medalist, entrepreneur, Professional Broadcaster and Certified Life Coach. Her husband, Jason, spent 20 years becoming a highly successful salesman and is a Certified Life Coach, Profession Speaker, Trainer and 6 Phase Meditation Practitioner. 

Jana and Jason have experienced the highest peaks and deepest valleys in life.  The valley that would have broken most people created something beautiful for these two and they are sharing it with the world.  It's the  formula for an extraordinary life.  The 1st ingredient is mindset. Its what they call Living Lucky!

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The 4 pillars of Living Lucky
Believe in yourself
Believe in the people around you
Believe in your circumstances and
Believe that God is working through you, for you, and always conspiring in your favor.
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